The Great Escape Plan

$65.00/mo + Unlimited DATA

Roam. Adventure. Play. It’s your call! 

  • No more worries…your unlimited! 
  • No more concerns…your greatest value!
  • No more hassles…your amazing care!


  • 50GB UNLIMITED DATA 4G LTE High Speed Data Access
    After 22GB & up to 50GB, data usage is slowed to a max of 3 Mbps, after 50GB data is slowed to 128 Kbps
    for the rest of the bill cycle. Audio & video streaming, picture & video messaging, & other data usage will be impacted & may not be fully functional. Plan NOT available for use with tablets, mobile hotspots, routers, or other data only devices. Read More on Terms and Conditions
  • Unlimited Talk in US, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands
  • Unlimited Text in US & to more than 190 countries
  • Unlimited Talk & Text to Canada & Mexico
  • No Roaming Charges in Canada & Mexico
  • No Overage Charges
  • Device Tethering & Hotspot
  • Call Protect Basic
    Provides network-based and application-based features that help manage unwanted calls. Read More on Terms and Conditions


  • High Definition Video Streaming (with stream saver turned off)
    Includes Stream Saver, which allows content identified as video to stream in Standard Definition quality (max 1.5 Mbps, about 480p). Escape will turn the feature on for you, and you can turn it off anytime. Read More on Terms and Conditions
  • Access To 5G Millimeter Wave (5G+)
    5G+ service is not avail. in most areas; it is only avail. in very limited parts of specific cities. Req’s a compatible 5G+ device. Read More on Terms and Conditions

    Service and 5G Low Band Spectrum(5G) Service

    5G service is not avail. everywhere. Req’s a compatible 5G device Read More on Terms and Conditions

    (where each is available)

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Escape Cellular offers the features you want, at a fraction of the usual cost

unlimited talk & text

Unlimited Talk & Text

Nationwide coverage

Nationwide Coverage

keep your number

Keep Your Number

4G high speed data

4G LTE High-Speed Data

bring your own device

Bring Your Own Device!

free sim card

Free SIM Card


Check your device’s IMEI number to make sure it’s compatible. We’ll let you know in seconds if it’ll work with our network and if it does, we can help get you set up with a plan.

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The Great Escape

$65.00/mo + Unlimited DATA